Sunday, 30 June 2013


Credit for this post actually goes to my mother, she cooked it, not me and it has got to be one of the easiest Nigerian soups to cook as well as the healthiest because you can use absolutely no oil and it'll still turn out great. for this however i used 2 tablespoons of palm oil. Also perfect fo this "weather for 2" we find ourselves in now.

2Kg Mix of Goat Meat and Beef
500Grms Stock Fish
2 Smoked Catfish
Cocoyam Paste or Ground Ofor (for thickening the soup)
1 Tablespoon Ground Uziza Seed
1 Teaspoon Ground Uda
1 Onion
Ground Crayfish
2 Tablespoons Palm Oil
1 or 2 Tablespoons Cup Chopped Utazi Leaf 
3 Seasoning Cubes
Salt & Pepper

Wash and cook your meats and stockfish together seasoned with salt, pepper, 2 seasoning cubes and chopped onions.

When the meat is tender, add smoked fish, crayfish, uda, uziza and allow to boil together. The uda and uziza seeds will give it a hot spicy taste so easy on your pepper. Gradually add either cocoyam paste or ofor little by little (we used ofor) bearing in mind that you still want the soup to be light because these thickeners continue to thicken the soup even after its been taken off the heat and ofe nsala is meant to be light, just a tad thicker than peppersoup.

Add palm oil and uziza leaf and taste for seasoning. Please don't overdo the uziza leaf of you'll end up with a bitter inedible soup.

Thats all! Serve with pounded yam.

Food, glorious food!


  1. Looks great! For the uninitiated, can you explain what some of the ingredients are like Uziza seeds etc.

    Thanks. love this

  2. Hi Adhis, hmmm.... Thats the native (igbo, i think) name and if you're anywhere in Nigeria, at the local market all you need say is you want uziza seed and you'll be sorted out.
    Its a small black or dark brown seed thats hot and aromatic and has a number of medicinal uses. Its used to cook peppersoups as well is a staple in a lot of foods cooked for new mothers especially in Eastern Nigeria.
    Its also called Ashanti Pepper or Piper Guineese.

  3. That soup looks delish.